157-22 South Road - Jamaica, New York 11433 * (718) 291-9281

Bishop H. Ford ~ Founder * Bishop Alfonzo Brown ~ Pastor & Overseer * Elder T. Rawls ~ Assistant Pastor


 Bishop Harding Ford was the founder of The Church of God in Christ Jesus of The Apostles’ Faith, Inc.  Bishop Ford was born in Buckingham County, Virginia.  He moved to New York in 1945 and began pastoring in Jamaica, New York in 1956 at an edifice at 166-15 107th Avenue.  After several years of pastoring there, the Lord provided a place of worship on South Road.  After a period of time, the Church was moved next door.  Bishop Ford and the few faithful saints planned to build an edifice where the gospel of Jesus Christ would be preached and souls would be saved.  Through much fasting and prayer, the Lord opened a door and the property at 157-22 South Road was acquired.  After worshipping in the newly acquired edifice for a period of time, the Lord gave Bishop Ford a mind to completely re-build the edifice.  There was much work to be done, but faith kept the saints of God encouraged, for they had a mind to work.  The new edifice was opened on August 18, 1970 and the first service was Sunday School with the first lesson entitled “A Trial of Faith.”  The Jamaica edifice was expanded by adding a second floor, which was completed on October 15, 1983.  Through humility, dedication and faithfulness, Bishop Ford was used by God to pastor edifices in Jamaica New York, Lakeview New York and Prospect Virginia.  

During the early years of Bishop Ford’s ministry, the Lord had a few faithful saints laboring with him.  Bishop Ford’s loving wife, Sister Beatrice Ford, stayed by his side and supported him in prayer and fasting.  Elder Vasco Saunders, a meek and humble servant of God, was the Assistant Pastor.  Mother Astor T. Brooks and Sister Juanita Craig were faithful supporters.  Brother Alfonzo Brown worked faithfully with Bishop Ford through the many years.  He tirelessly and faithfully labored spiritually as well as naturally in support of Bishop Ford according to the leadership of the Holy Ghost.  During the latter years of Bishop Ford’s ministry, the Lord moved him back to Virginia and the Jamaica edifice was turned over to Elder Alfonzo Brown, who continued to be nurtured by the Lord under Bishop Ford’s leadership. 

Through humble submission to God and strict obedience to the Word of God, Bishop Ford continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine.  Over the years, Bishop Ford moved according to the will of God in leading, guiding and directing God’s flock with wisdom and meekness.  As Pastor and General Overseer, Bishop Ford was used by God to instill a solid foundation of truth in the saints of God who worshipped under his leadership. 

 Bishop Ford was called to rest in 1994 and the Lord raised up Bishop Alfonzo Brown to continue the work.  The memories of Bishop Ford and his godly teaching will continue to live in the hearts of the saints of God who knew him.  His presence is missed, as well as the presence of the late Elder Vasco Saunders and the late Evangelist James C. Harbin who labored with him. 

 As God raised up Joshua to continue the work the Lord started with Moses, so has God raised up Bishop Alfonzo Brown as Pastor and General Overseer to continue God’s great work.


Bishop H. Ford
Bishop H. Ford